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WWS is Peers with lived experience helping Peers navigating PTSD/OSI injury. WWS helps First Responders, Military, Veterans, and their families in maintaining Wellness in Recovery from PTSD/OSI.


  • WWS are committed to creating a Safe environment for Wellness opportunities.

  • WWS recognize and strengthen the Value of Family.

  • WWS acknowledge that it takes Courage to reach out for help.

  • WWS are building and earning Trust with a "Do No Harm" approach.

  • WWS appreciate and promote development
     of personal and organizational Wisdom.

  • WWS is committed to strengthening a healthy Community.

  • WWS demonstrates Courage through Trust, Integrity, and Compassion.

  • WWS will work Tenaciously to help strengthening our Warriors Resiliency. 

    Please note that Wayfinders Wellness Society (WWS) and its workshops are Peer led by Peers with lived experience in maintaining Wellness in PTSD recovery, and is NOT therapy led.
    As such if you or someone you know are in the
    acute stages of PTSD/OSI injury, WWS must defer you to consult the needed medical professionals to help get to the recovery stage of your healing journey.  Please consult with your GP or workplace resources to start the journey to the healing process.

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