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Welcome To Wayfinders - A Letter From Our President

Hello Wayfinders!

Many of you are new to our website or to seeing what we are doing, so we wanted to share the following message from Paul, the President of the Wayfinders Wellness Organization and offer a bit of an introduction. We are a registered Canadian Non-Profit organization, and our goal is to build a resilient community by connecting people to the resources that will work best for their individual needs. Our organization is made up of people from a wide range of backgrounds in the Emergency Services/Military world, ranging from EMS to Police and Fire as well as Canadian Armed Forces, or even a mix of multiple. We are all passionate about breaking down the stigma around talking about mental health, and helping build a strong community full of support.

And now on to the message from Paul:

Becoming mentally resilient, and processing trauma in a healthy way are THE keys to avoiding mental health injury and minimizing the degree to which it impacts you, and your loved ones. Our model is intended raise awareness and drop the stigma of talking about mental health to help people find healing. There are many paths to wellness, Our goal is to bring together a variety of service providers in one spot to make healing accessible. Through our combined experiences, we know what has worked for us, allow us to share it with you. We want to make it easy to access resources, since living with an occupational stress injury is hard enough.

The Wayfinders ranch house (currently under restoration-limited availability) is available for emergency responders, military and their families to book for small groups so that they may come together and process their trauma with their peers in a safe environment, away from the public and work. This separation from our daily environment allows us to process the trauma in a healthy way.

Our ranch house is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, along the banks of the jumping Pound river on the expanses of the historic Wineglass ranch in Cochrane Ab. We provide access to beautiful nature, healing horses, and our community of positivity and wellness. We have many resources on site or available to be brought in for support. Many of our service providers are also on the growing list on our website; these are all services we work with and have tried ourselves. I encourage you to join our community and become a Wayfinder. Become a sponsor, a partner, a service provider or a member in need. Connect with us, follow our social media to be part of a growing Community of positive wellness at Wayfinders! Be resilient! Be well.

Paul Wagman President/Founder Wayfinders Wellness

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