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We believe in a well-balanced life and understand the importance of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. We provide a safe space for Military and First Responders suffering from PTSD and their families to come to experience all areas of wellness through nature-based programs and open-minded community centred support.


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Just like in the 'barn raising' days of the past, we need the collective action of the community to make this vision a reality.  We need your generosity and support to build this space for our public servants.  Here's how you can help.

Become a

Volunteer Today!

All of our volunteers are important and the success of Wayfinders depends on everyone who can help.  We all have skills! Volunteer today!

Make A Donation

Your donation will help fund the renovation of the Retreat House and the development of our wellness programming.

Renovation Help

To make our Retreat House a warm and welcoming place to meet, we are looking for a variety of supplies, equipment and services to make it happen.

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