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First Responders


First Responders

A safe place for First Responders & Military to access support for their PTSD and Post Trauma recovery.

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Our Mission

Support Public Servants along their path to recovery by creating space for healing.

Who Are We?

The project creators, along with the steering committee, come from a diverse background of public servants who have experienced varying degrees of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Many have experienced Post Traumatic Growth through a variety of different methods of diagnosis, treatments and therapies.

Each individual's journey is unique in a number of ways, including the path to recovery.

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Where to Start?

A common question among people who have experienced PTSD is "How do I start my path to recovery?"

Many people are uncomfortable seeking help in the first place. Even fewer feel comfortable meeting in open, crowded places like coffee shops or workplace meeting rooms.

Is there an alternative?

Can we create an alternative space that will allow people to safely explore their unique recovery path, among people with shared experience?

We believe there is another way...


Our Vision


It Starts with Community

Our search for a "better starting place" brought us together with the very generous and community-minded owners of the Wine Glass Ranch - The Wearmouth and Eklund Family.

They have kindly donated a building for retreat participants to come and meet the "right people" to start their path to recovery.

The land is a place of great natural beauty, serenity and, of course, confidentiality.


The Space

We currently have a single story vacant home, set among the rolling hills of the beautiful Wine Glass Ranch, close to the banks of the Jumpingpound Creek, just outside of Cochrane, Alberta.

The home itself is in need of some tender love and care to restore it to its original glory. Our goal is to renovate the space to become a warm and comfortable place to meet in confidentiality and safety.

Public servants suffering with PTSD deserve a place to access support within a welcoming environment. This is what we are working hard towards.

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Our vision is to be inclusive of First Responders and Military from all communities. We have partnered with local First Nation Leaders to assist us in incorporating valuable cultural and spiritual input and experience for our project. There will be a variety of retreat services offered to meet each individual where they are at.

We envision offering:

  • Traditional 'sweats' for retreat participants that can benefit from physical and spiritual healing.

  • Group yoga sessions.

  • Sensory room for meditation.

  • Creative therapy programming.

  • Equine therapy (provided by Prairie Skye Equine Assisted Therapy)

  • Socially supportive activities such as:

    • Fire Pit Gatherings

    • Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Workshops

    • Archery

    • Trail Walks

    • Snowshoeing

    • Horseback Rides.


The Project

There are multiple phases of the renovation project:

  1. Foundational Remedial Work

    • Replace Flooring​​

    • Paintwork

    • Heating

    • Sanitation

    • Appliance Upgrade

  2. Shaping the Therapeutic Space

    • Creating a "Sensory Room" for Meditation.

    • Building a large outdoor deck for group Yoga and 'fresh air' counselling and therapy sessions.

Needs for Phase 1:

  • Funding for remedial renovations

  • Gravel Trucks

  • Insurance

  • Treasurer

  • Decorators and decorating materials

  • Kitchen and bathroom appliances

  • Carpets

  • Comfy seats/Sofa

  • Tables and chairs

  • Your donations of cash, goods or labour

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How To Help

Just like in the 'barn raising' days of the past, we need the collective action of the community to make this vision a reality.


We need your generosity and support to build this space for our public servants.


If you would like to support

the Renovation Project

by donating supplies, materials, equipment or services,

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If you would like to make a Donation

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